We are in my family eleven brothers and sisters and we are all religions. My father was muslim and by my mother side they are mixed buddhist and catholic. I am myself buddhist.


We are nowadays constantly driving out of the spirituality to be trapped in the materialism. I was so far from my spirituality but since COVID, I found back my faith. I truly think that behind any life, any flower, is spirituality. I also think the science does not bring life, that the science is always studying life.


 As buddhist it’s simply normal to have altruistic behavior by helping and loving people. I go regularly back to Vietnam, in Saigon to help some members of my family for some social actions. There are two actions and should stay as privat initiative to make sure that any cents gave will go directly to people in needs. The first action is to go with a group of volunteers people who give themself or ask for financial supports. We buy food and clothes but we also finance bridges to build in places far away from the modern civilization, in the mountains for some tribal communities. And the second action is to go with another group of volunteers people in hospitals to give directly to people in needs some cash that they could pay for their surgery, medicines and their journey there.


Meeting people who live with nothing helps me to understand how lucky i am in my life and how important it is to share this luck with people who need helps.


Anh Maka feb. 2023

Some social actions in Vietnam. We help poor people that they could pay their surgery / journey in the hospital